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Pastured Chicken

Enjoy fresh, delicious pasture-raised chicken that is rotated each day to regeneratively managed healthy grasses.

Best of Farm Box

41 | 4 oz. portions

Save $43.60

New Wing Dinger Party Box

86 | 4 oz. portions

Save $34.64

Chicken Drumsticks

1.5 lb. avg. / pkg


Bone-In Chicken Thighs

1.8 lb. avg. / pkg


Chicken Breast

1.1 lb. avg. / pkg

Chicken Tenderloins

1.2 lb. avg. / pkg

Ground Chicken

1 lb. avg. / pkg

Whole Chicken

5 lb. avg. / Whole Chicken


Chicken Feet

1 lb. avg. / pkg

Chicken Livers

1.6 lb. avg. / pkg

Chicken Hearts

1.1 lb. avg. / pkg

Chicken Gizzards

1 lb. avg. / pkg

Chicken Backs

4.25 lb. avg. / pkg

Are you looking for pasture-raised chicken? Our chickens are happy and healthy with 24/7 outdoor access, unlike what you'll find on the shelves in the grocery store. The chickens are fed a local feed without the use of corn, soy or any GMO crops. Along with their pasture diet, their feed is made up of wheat, barley, peas and other added vitamins and minerals. We never use GMOs, antibiotics, or any other kind of drug. We have numerous options that you can feel good about feeding your family from whole chickens, breasts, ground chicken, drumsticks and more! Are you ready to try out pastured chicken? Place your order today! You can pick up your order up at the farm, or have it shipped right to your home (delivery available to lower 48 states!).