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Meet the Ayers Family

Real Farmers. Real Food.

Our mission is to help consumers gain access to safe and ethical foods they can eat with confidence while converting poor soil into a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Our Health Transformation

In 2016, we started our journey to become farmers. We used "traditional" practices until our health became a crisis, and we decided that we needed to make major changes to transform the health of our bodies and our farm.

One short year later, we sold everything that we started with and proceeded on our new journey to build a regenerative pasture-based farm. We started sharing our story on social media in 2017 to show exactly how we raise our livestock on open pastures that healed our own health and feeds families all across the United States.

"We believe in working hard and taking no short cuts to work in sync with Mother Nature to bring food to your table. Food tells a story, and we are honored to share ours with you!" - Josh & Taylor Ayers (Founders)