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Our Livestock Practices


We raise a combination of South Poll and Angus cattle. These breeds are known for their hardiness in our climate, docile demeanor and their ability to finish on diverse forages alone.

We manage our herd using management intensive/mob grazing to ensure that the soil is getting enough carbon and the forage is getting adequate rest to recover. The purpose of this method is to feed our livestock while we heal the land, increase forage diversity and thickness, increase forage diversity and increase the nutritional quality of our meat.

We do not use any grain, vaccines, antibiotics or growth hormones. We strictly provide fresh pasture daily, water and kelp/sea salt for minerals. Our cattle spend their entire lives on lush forage pasture, always headed to fresh pasture, the way nature intended.

Our grass-fed finished beef is processed at a family owned USDA inspected facility where it is dry aged for 10-14 days, which is rare to find, but we do it to provide tenderness and flavor for each cut of meat for our customers.



We raise Cornish Cross meat chickens. We rotate the birds through diversified pasture to forage for insects and grubs. We provide them with a new section of land each day to not only increase the quality of the meat but also to help improve the land.

Along with their diversified pasture diet, we provide an all natural, non-GMO, corn & soy free feed. Together, these high quality items ensure that our chickens are receiving optimal nutrition in their diets which makes for delicious and nutritious meat for our customers.

Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising poultry and we do not treat with antibiotics. Our chickens are provided fresh water, bugs, grubs, high quality feed and sunshine daily - that's it!

Our chicken is processed and packaged at a family USDA inspected facility. 



We raise various crosses of heritage breeds of hogs. Our hogs are probably my favorite animal on the farm. We work with a trusted breeder who provides top quality hogs for our pastured pork operation, but eventually we will take on the task of raising piglets ourselves.

The hogs spend their entire lives running about, laying under shade trees, taking mud baths and tilling the land with their powerhouse snouts.

The forest area that they live in is a combination of diversified pasture and wooded area. Hogs love the shade and, in the summer, they need it! We move them to a new paddock every 7 to 14 days depending on the weather, so they constantly have access to new forage. We start with piglets in the early spring and raise them for harvest in the fall.

Heritage breeds are known for their friendly personalities and their meat is prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness. Our pork is pink-hued and heavily marbled for a delicious taste!

Our hogs are fed an all-natural, non-GMO, corn & soy free feed along with endless foraging opportunities in their paddocks.

We never use antibiotics or growth hormones. All of our pork is processed at a family owned USDA inspected facility.