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Our Standard

Learn about what inspires our team to produce high-quality meats.


Since our beginning, we’ve continuously operated with complete transparency in hopes of earning your trust and respect. We believe transparency forms a bridge between our brand and our community. Creating high-quality meats is our job, but it’s also our passion. We continuously work to improve our methods to ensure you are consuming nothing but the best.

We raise SouthPoll cattle, heritage breed hogs and chickens out in the pasture on our farm in Brown County, Ohio. From birth to harvest, every animal lives their best life. We provide the highest quality of care, 365 days a year.  Learn More

We promise to never use vaccines, antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). We are organically minded and we take pride in providing premium grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork and pasture raised poultry.

Through the years, we have partnered with nature to practice regenerative agriculture. Simply put, our animals are constantly on the move to better forage while leaving the area behind them better than it was, before they were there. We use rotational grazing methods to ensure that our soil is continuously improving to feed our livestock. Read more about our beyond organic methods here.



We started Ayers Valley Farm to feed our family. If we wanted to eat healthy, we knew it had to be raised healthy. That’s why we raise on pasture…we quickly experienced that there is a difference with our farm fresh meat and we want you to experience it too!

We know that you will taste the difference in our meats and we promise to always provide the real story behind how your food is raised.



As a small family farm, we are dedicated to raising premium quality meats the way nature intended. Our animals live stress-free lives while our USDA inspected meat is never treated with antibiotics or hormones. We are organically minded and we believe in going the extra mile to practice regenerative agriculture methods to leave the land better than we found it. Together, as a family, we consistently care for our animals every single day, 365 days a year.

We promise to provide the real story behind our meats so you can trust that the food you’re serving your family is raised with the highest quality of care.