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Ground Chicken

Ground Chicken

1 lb. avg. / pkg

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Ground Chicken is excellent meat that you can use as a substitute for ground beef or pork. A versatile and flavorful option that is perfect for a wide range of recipes. Made from high-quality chicken, our ground chicken is carefully crafted to provide a lean and protein-rich option. Whether you're making homemade chicken burgers, flavorful meatballs, or adding protein to your stir-fries and pasta dishes, our Ground Chicken guarantees a delicious and healthy dining experience. 

Each package contains 1 pound, ensuring you have enough to create a satisfying meal. For best results, cook until fully cooked through to an internal temperature of 165°F. Try our Ground Chicken in mouthwatering recipes like zesty chicken lettuce wraps, spicy buffalo chicken sliders, or aromatic chicken curry for a delightful culinary adventure.