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Pork Boston Butt Roast

Pork Boston Butt Roast

3 lb. avg. / pkg

Our Boston Butt Roast, a delectable centerpiece for your next culinary masterpiece. Slow cook to perfection, boasting tender and flavorful meat that is ideal for a variety of mouthwatering recipes. 

Whether you're envisioning pulled pork sandwiches, hearty stews, or succulent tacos, our Boston Butt Roast delivers unmatched taste and versatility. Each roast weighs approximately 3 pounds, ensuring you have an ample amount to satisfy your cravings and share with loved ones. 

For optimal results, we recommend cooking it low and slow, where it achieves the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. Explore our recipe ideas to unlock the full potential of this exceptional cut, and let your culinary creativity soar with our irresistible Boston Butt Roast.