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Beef New York Strip Steak

Beef New York Strip Steak

10 oz. avg. / pkg

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Our Beef New York Strip Steak (also known as Strip Loin Steak), a mouthwatering cut that will transport your taste buds to new heights. Perfectly aged and expertly trimmed, this steak is a prime choice for grilling enthusiasts, allowing you to savor its tender juiciness while unlocking a world of culinary possibilities. Each steak weighs approximately 10 ounces, ensuring a generous portion that satisfies even the heartiest appetite. 

Try it grilled to medium-rare perfection, seasoned with salt and pepper, or explore our recipe suggestions for steak au poivre, garlic herb butter steak, or balsamic-glazed strip steak. Elevate your dining experience with the exceptional flavor, marbling, and tenderness of our Beef New York Strip Steak.