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Beef Bacon Burgers

Beef Bacon Burgers

(2) 5 oz. patties / pkg

These burgers are sure to be the hit at any meal!  The slight hint of bacon flavor from our pasture raised pork is complemented perfectly by the rich flavor of our 100% grassfed ground beef.  They have been ground twice to ensure a perfect texture that is extremely satisfying without any gristle or rough textures.

Use our beef bacon burgers in dishes like:

  • White cheddar bacon cheeseburgers
  • Spicy cowboy burgers
  • BBQ bacon burgers

The beef at Ayers Valley Farm is 100% grass-fed and ethically raised.  The pastured pork bacon is cured without nitrates or MSG for added health benefits.

Order our beef bacon burgers now and change your eating experience forever.  These might just make the best burgers you've ever created!

Packages have mislabeled ingredients.  The correct ingredients are on this page.



100% grass-fed ground beef, Pork Belly, Cane Sugar, Salt, Sorghum, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Celery Powder, Garlic Powder, Juniper Berries, Chili Flakes