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$500 Gift Card

$500 Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Great Gift Idea!


How it Works:

  • Simply click Buy Now for the denomination of card(s) you'd like to purchase.
  • Confirm your contact information, payment information, and then select the number of digital gift cards you'd like to purchase on the Checkout Order Summary.
  • Once you place your order we'll immediately send you two emails: 1) Your payment receipt and; 2)Your digital gift card code email.
  • Choose to forward the digital gift card code email to your intended recipient, OR print it out for hand delivery. :)
  • Your recipient can redeem the code for store credit at

Notes: (1) If you want to purchase two separate denominations of gift cards (i.e., $50 and $200), you would need to complete two unique digital gift card transactions. (2) Digital Gift Card purchases are "one-time" orders that must be processed separately from your pasture-raised meat order.

Give the gift of Ayers Valley Farms' high-quality healthy meats with this $25 Digital Gift Card. 🎁 Gift cards are the ultimate form of flexible gifting which allows the recipient to choose their absolute favorite pasture-raised meats to be safely delivered to their home.