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Giving our most loyal customers priority on all their favorite meats and inventory restocks. Every time we pack your orders, we do a little happy dance knowing that we get to feed your family, it means so much to us!


Choose your meat preferences.
Choose your cut preferences.
Choose your price point.
Choose your frequency.

Our Farm Club Box members also receive:

Free Digital Farm Club Membership.
A box of meats curated just for you shipped every 30, 60 or 90 days.
First access to all inventory restocks.


Whats in the box?

You choose your favorites: Beef, Pork, and/or Chicken and we curate a box for your preferences.

Whats the difference between Premium, Family Choice & Ground Beef boxes?

Premium includes: Chicken Breast, Bacon, Pork Chops, Ribs, Steaks (Ribeye, New York Strip, Sirloin, Filet Mignon, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Flank, Skirt, Hanging Tender), Brisket, plus some favorite cuts from the Family Choice box like; Bratwurst, Ground Meats and Roasts.

Family Choice includes: Pork Bratwurst, Pork Breakfast Sausage, Ground Pork, Pork Roast (Boston Butt, Picnic Roast), Ground Beef, Beef Roast (Chuck, Rump, Sirloin Tip), Short Ribs, Beef Shanks,  Whole Chicken, Ground Chicken, Chicken Bratwurst, Wings, Drumsticks, Thighs.

Ground Beef boxes include just ground beef. You can shop the add-ons section if you'd like to add cuts but this box will only receive ground beef.

There are no steaks, chicken breast, pork chops, ribs, or bacon included in the Family Choice box but you can add them into your box by placing an additional order on our online store (up to 15 lbs. no extra shipping charge) or by shopping the add-ons section in your Farm Club account. No organ meats are included in our boxes but you can request them plus other cuts like shanks, ham hocks, feet, backs and more in your preferences section.

What if I don’t need meat this month?

Pause, cancel or skip at anytime.

When will I receive my box?

Boxes ship on the first Monday of the month unless a national holiday falls on that day.  In that case, it will ship the next day on Tuesday. You will receive a reminder email on the 15th then an email with tracking information once your box is ready to ship.

Can I add products to my box that I know I need this month?

Yes, you can. We can add up to 10-15 pounds of meat to your Farm Club box. Just send an email to after you place an order on our online store, OR leave a note "Include with upcoming farm club box" at checkout. We will refund the shipping cost of the online store order promptly.

What if I don’t like certain cuts of meat?

We’ve curated box selections that tailor to your needs. If you’re a chicken lover, we don’t want to be sending you pork so be sure to select the box that best fits your needs and feel free to ask any questions you might have. All boxes are ranchers choice but we do our best to ensure what you get is what you’d want. If you have a special event or request for your box that month, leave a note in your preferences OR feel free to email

Do I have to pay shipping?

Yes, shipping is not a cost we can afford to absorb as a small family farm. Our shipping costs will be based on your location. We pay attention to the details it takes to ship frozen meat, including dry ice, environmentally friendly packaging, timely packing and our families commitment to the best quality meats in our boxes.


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 Farm Club Boxes do not ship until the first week of the month. Note: your card will be charged at the time of sign up. If you have any questions feel free to email

Not ready to join just yet?

No worries, you can shop by the cut or place an order for one of our weekly special boxes by heading over to our Online Store to place an order. We ship orders every Monday!

By ordering this monthly box you will be automatically charged for a new box each month. Boxes are billed the last week of the month and ship the first Monday each month, unless that day is a holiday in which it could ship on Tuesday. You can always pause, skip or cancel by logging into your account and changing your preferences, box size, requests - or to put a hold or cancellation on your membership. You can also update payment settings at any time - because of the recurring nature of the membership - PayPal or Apple/Google Pay can not be used - membership requires a credit card.