Josh & I, Taylor Ayers don't have a normal small town love story where we went to the same high school and fell in love. Neither one of us had any idea that that the love of their life would be someone they would be set up with. You know, a blind date!

Josh likes to joke that God just dropped me off on his side porch which is our now farmhouse, but I was actually given the address to go kayaking with a group of co-workers. Yep, I was set up, and this is where it starts to sound like a murder mystery but it's not, it's just how our story got started.

Josh grew up only a few miles away from the farm. He's a 3rd generation cattle farmer that thought he wanted nothing to do with farm life. He left for college at the University of Cincinnati and quickly found out that it was a big change for him. He had spent his entire life working with cattle, hay, and fixing anything with an engine. He spent 5 years in the city earning his Engineering Degree, one that he thought he would stay in the city to use. It's funny how God has other plans for us, after working in the city a few months, the farm near his childhood home came up for sale and he knew then that this was his chance to get back to his roots that he had been missing.  

All of this was happening while Taylor was working at the State Department of Transportation and going to college to finish up her business degree. She grew up showing 4H animals such as cows, pigs and rabbits but didn't have quite the same farm life experience that Josh had. She did however know that someday she would have a farm! 


Josh and Taylor were both young, active and seemingly healthy individuals but they suffered from aches and pains. After they got married, Taylor started having some health issues that no doctor could pinpoint. After thousands of dollars on blood tests, exams, ultrasounds, co-pays, time off of work and so much more she still had no luck getting a diagnosis. After spending so much time in pain, she took control of her health and found that the quality of food she was eating could be the real contributing factor.

This opened the door for what is now, Ayers Valley Farm. Taylor’s research led her to learn about how the food that we fuel our bodies with affects us and how we should work with nature instead of against her. After becoming frustrated with the lack of real high-quality pasture raised meat at the grocery stores the two of them decided that even with working full time jobs, they were going to raise high quality pasture raised meats themselves. After experiencing the change in their health and quality of life, Josh and Taylor decided their goal was to share their pasture raised meats with others all across the United States.



We believe in working hard and taking no short cuts to work in sync with mother nature to provide pasture raised meats as nature intended.  Food tells a story, and we would love to be able to share ours with you! Follow our journey by signing up for our email list below and following us on Facebook & Instagram!

Your Farmers,

Josh and Taylor Ayers