Josh & I, Taylor Ayers don't have a normal small town love story where we went to the same high school and fell in love. Neither one of us had any idea that that the love of their life would be someone they would be set up with. You know, a blind date!

Josh likes to joke that God just dropped me off on his side porch which is our now farmhouse, but I was actually given the address to go kayaking with a group of co-workers. Yep, I was set up, and this is where it starts to sound like a murder mystery but it's not, it's just a weird love story! 


Josh grew up only a few miles away from the farm where I showed up at. He's a 3rd generation cattle farmer that thought he wanted nothing to do with the farm life when he left for college at the University of Cincinnati. It was a big change for him, he had spent his entire life working with cattle, hay, fixing anything with an engine. He spent 5 years in the city earning his Engineering Degree, he thought once he earned his degree he would stay in the city. It's funny how God has other plans for us, after working in the city a few months, a farm back home came up for sale and he knew then that this was his chance to get back to his roots that he had been missing.  

All of this was happening while I was working at the State Department of Transportation and going to college for finishing up my Business degree. I grew up showing 4H animals such as cows, pigs and rabbits but I didn't have quite the same farm life experience that Josh had. I did however know that someday I would have a farm, but I just wasn't thinking about it yet because working full time and going to college was a lot to do.


So, after I arrived on Josh's farmhouse porch, we hit it off and decided to go on with the original plan of kayaking. We kayaked on Eagle Creek which runs on the back of our farm. It was just a couple hour trip, but it changed our lives forever. Neither one of us ever expected what God had planned. We talked about our lives the entire trip as if we had known each other forever. Everything felt right, we had the same goals in life where we wanted to farm and raise children the "old fashioned way" where they would spend less time on the internet and more time working with their hands. From that day on we have been practically been inseparable.



Only 17 months after meeting, Josh and I were joined in marriage. It may have been quick to some people but when you know, you know. We had already started working on fencing and getting our first cattle herd before getting married. Josh and I were both young, active and seemingly healthy individuals but we had aches, pains and I had some health issues that no doctor could pinpoint. I had spent a thousand dollars on blood tests, exams, ultrasounds, and so much more with no luck getting a diagnosis. I was sure I had some kind of auto-immune disorder or intestinal disease but nothing ever came up. After spending so much time in pain, I started researching my health issues and how what I was eating could be the contributing factor.

This opened the door for what is now, Ayers Valley Farm. I had researched about how much the food that we fuel our bodies with effects us and how we should work with nature instead of against her. I tried finding good quality pasture raised meat at the grocery stores but the label claims and what the product actually was, unfortunately were two different things. After getting fed up with the way we were feeling, the two of us decided that even with working full time jobs we were going to raise high quality pasture raised meats, ourselves.

We originally just wanted to farm for fun, as a hobby but after experiencing the health benefits and quality of life, we decided that we needed to change our goals and share our regeneratively raised, pastured meats with others all across the United States.




We have a passion for raising livestock the way nature intended.

We raise cattle, hogs and chickens out in the pasture on our farm in Brown County, Ohio. From birth to harvest every animal lives their best life on our farm. We provide the highest quality of care, 365 days a year.

We promise to never use antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). We are organically minded and we take pride in providing premium grass fed finished beef, silvopasture raised pork and pasture raised poultry for meat and farm fresh eggs.

Through the years, we have partnered with nature to practice regenerative agriculture. This means our animals are constantly on the move to better forage while depositing manure to provide better soil health. We use rotational grazing methods to ensure that our farm land is continuously improving for our livestock to feed your family.

We started this to feed our family because we care about how our meat is raised, we quickly discovered that there is a difference with our farm fresh meat and we want you to experience it too!

We know that you will taste the difference and we promise to always provide the real story behind how your food is raised.



  • We are a small family farm dedicated to raising premium quality meats the way nature intended.
  • Our animals live a stress free life on our farm.
  • Our meat is never treated with antibiotics or hormones.
  • We are organically minded and practice regenerative agriculture.
  • Our animals are processed at a USDA inspected facility.
  • Our grass fed finished cattle spend their entire lives on diversified pasture with fresh water, 20 different free-choice minerals and sunshine.
  • Our pasture raised poultry are rotated through diversified pasture and receive fresh water, non-gmo & soy free feed and sunshine.
  • Our pasture raised pork are rotated through silvopasture paddocks and provided non-gmo & soy free feed to ensure high quality meat for our consumers.
  • Our grass fed finished beef is dry aged for 10-14 days for tenderness and flavor.
  • Together as a family we consistently care for our animals every single day.
  • We promise to provide the real story behind our meats so you always know exactly where your food comes from and that it was raised with the highest quality of care.




We raise a combination of South Poll and Angus cattle. These breeds are known for their hardiness in our climate, docile demeanor and their ability to finish on diverse forages alone.

We manage our herd using management intensive/mob grazing to ensure that the soil is getting enough carbon and the forage is getting adequate rest to recover. The purpose of this method is to feed our livestock while we heal the land, increase forage diversity and thickness, increase forage diversity and increase the nutritional quality of our meat.

We do not use any grain, corn, antibiotics or growth hormones. We strictly provide fresh pasture daily, water and 20 different options of free-choice minerals. Our cattle spend their entire lives on lush forage pasture, always headed to fresh pasture, the way nature intended.

Our grass-fed finished beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility where it is dry aged for 10-14 days, which is rare to find, but we do it to provide tenderness and flavor for each cut of meat for our customers.



We raise Cornish Cross meat chickens and a beautiful flock of rainbow laying hens.

We rotate both laying hens and meat chickens through the diversified pasture to forage for insects and grubs. We provide our chickens a new section of land each day to not only increase the quality of the meat but also to help improve the land.

Along with their diversified pasture diet, we provide an all natural, non-gmo, soy free feed. Together, these high quality items ensure that our chickens are receiving optimal nutrition in their diets which makes for delicious and nutritious food for our customers.

Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising poultry and we do not treat with antibiotics. Our chickens are provided fresh water, bugs, grubs, high quality feed and sunshine daily - that's it!

Our chicken is processed and packaged at a USDA inspected facility.

At this time, our hand collected & hand washed, farm fresh eggs are available for local pick up or local delivery only. 



We raise a heritage breed of Gloucestershire “Old Spot” hogs. They are probably my favorite animal here at the farm. We work with a trusted breeder who provides top quality hogs for our pastured pork operation. We hope to someday breed our own.

The hogs spend their entire lives running about, laying under shade trees, taking mud baths and tilling the land with their powerhouse snouts.

The silvopasture that they live in is a combination of pasture and wooded area. Hogs love the shade and in the summer, they need it! We move them to a new silvopasture paddock every 7 to 14 days depending on weather so they constantly have access to new diverse forage. We start in the early spring with piglets and raise them for harvest in the fall.

This breed of hogs are known for their friendliness and they are prized for their juiciness, flavor and tenderness. The meat is pink-hued and heavily marbled for a delicious taste!

Our hogs are fed an all natural, non-gmo, soy free feed along with endless foraging opportunities in their paddocks.

We never use antibiotics or growth hormones. All of our pork is processed at a USDA inspected facility.


We believe in working hard and taking no short cuts to work in sync with mother nature to provide pasture raised meats as nature intended.  Food tells a story, and we would love to be able to share ours with you! Follow our journey by signing up for our email list and following us on Facebook & Instagram!

Your Farmers,

Josh and Taylor Ayers